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Starting from the health assessment to find trends and the risk of disease with modern technology, such as genetic testing, Genetic test, risk of cancer, heart disease, etc. so that you can get appropriate advice and treatment from a medical professional because Meviz believes that each person's body is unique.

Genetic Test

One factor in the pathogenesis is heredity, the inheritance of DNA-level abnormalities from both parents can be passed on to family members. Therefore, the detection of the risk of developing different diseases genetically is a technology that can help to know the risks, conduct, and prevent various diseases, whether it is cancer, heart disease, or even the nature of the behavior, diet, and exercise that are appropriate for each person, the doctor will analyze the results and make a plan for lifestyle, diet, exercise, dietary supplements.

Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance Test , our bodies have different levels of reactions or allergies to food. Some people happen very quickly after eating in the form of a rash, hives, or asthma. But another form of reaction takes place after eating the food that produces Immunoglobulin G, IgG, or Food Intolerance, another type of reaction that occurs slowly for hours or days following the meal. It is the body's response pattern to a foreign matter through

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood is an analysis of various components. Of blood while still alive High technology through the Dark Filed Microscope makes it possible to analyze the trends in various diseases. Both the digestive system Various toxins That should drive from the blood stream, blood circulation, immune system and allergic conditions of the body Which will penetrate the pen which uses blood droplets Only one drop can only know the results.


Hormones are chemicals in the body that are created by the endocrine glands that coordinate the work of many organs in the body as we get older, our body produces a decrease in hormone production. Hormone hypothyroidism may occur due to the decreased function of the endocrine glands causing the body to function malfunctions by keeping hormone levels equal to those aged 20-30 years.

Hormone Therapy

“Menopause” represents one more time of great change in a woman's life after it has passed through puberty and puberty. At the time of the last major transition, being able to adapt to these changes leads to a better quality of life, good physical and mental health, as well as being able to live happily in society. What is menopause? Menopause or menopause in women is between the ages of 45-55, the average age of 50. At this age, the ovaries stop working and ovulation is no longer possible.

Bio Body Scan

EIS Body Scan uses the principle of Bio Feedback using a weak electric current transmission method. Into the body, which does not cause pain or any harm at all, to determine the resistance of tissues in each organ that is abnormal. by measuring the resistance of water between cells in each organ If the cell malfunctions (Malfunction) or a biochemical imbalance is too much (Hyper-function) or too little. (Hypo-function) will reflect the signal.

Special Check-up Package

Comprehensive Program is suitable for men and women of all ages to accommodate the changing age of the body, focus on comprehensive health examination to find basic disease risks for the year